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  • Eco friendly LED lighting
  • Sensor control
  • Solar lighting
  • Wiser energy management

eco1LED downlights are emerging as the preferred type of downlight for a variety of reasons. Early versions of LED did not emit as strong a light as halogens. This has changed, though, and LEDs today can offer a strong, focused light to rival that of a halogen or a softer, more diffused light. They are more energy efficient and the LED's are safer and less likely to cause a fire as they run cooler. The LED's are also long lasting with an average lamp life of 50,000 hours.

Installing sensors inside and outside your home is an energy efficient way to look after the environment and keep your bill down. This will eliminate lights being left on in an unoccupied room for periods of time.

The Solar lighting day daylight simulator will create the same light that a traditional or tubular skylight creates but without the costly installation including the cutting of a large hole in your roof or ceiling.

You will also be able to experience the sun up, sun down and cloud movement inside when your solaro day is powered directly by the solar panel, just as you would experience with a skylight.

The solar lighting day typically requires only a small diameter hole drilled through your roof or slip it under a tile for the cable making the installation fast and simple.

The Clipsal electricity monitors (wiser energy management) measures the electricity being used and display the cost, energy consumption and carbon emissions on a portable display located inside your home. By knowing which appliances use a lot of electricity, you can adopt new energy saving practices.



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