Undertile heatingUnder-tile heating is a floor heating system designed for either cement or timber floors where the heating is provided by in-screed cables. This type of heating is often known as 'direct acting' due to its ability to heat up quickly. Under-tile heating may also be called 'in-screed heating' because the cables are not installed within a full concrete slab, but rather covered with a cement-based screed under tiles. 

In-slab heating uses heating cables embedded in a concrete slab floor to provide home heating. The slab stores the heat at night and releases it to provide continuous warmth to the home during the day.

You, the home owner, also have complete control over temperature and operating times through a thermostat. Where large floor surfaces exist, it is possible to achieve ideal comfort with a slightly lower air temperature resulting in more comfortable conditions, since the temperature is warmer at your feet rather than your head.

With stylish and cost effective heating, heat strip can provide comfort heating for undercover Alfresco dining and BBQ areas, patios, verandas, courtyards and balcony’s.

A range of ceiling fans are available for indoor and outdoor use.



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