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In this day and age, security of our families and property is more confronting than ever.

The presence of an alarm system is usually enough to ward off intruders. For the intruder who does enter the home with an activated alarm system, the noise the alarm makes should be enough to scare them off. As well as having your motion sensors this alarm system allows the combination of motion sensors and reed switches. Reed switches are window and door sensors which allow you to alarm the perimeter of the house while you are inside and gives you the confidence to walk around your home knowing the door and windows (key entry points) are armed.

The alarm is powered by the main power but has a battery backup. As well as sirens and strobes the alarm system can have a phone point added with the control unit. For added peace of mind, the majority of large home protection companies offer 24/7 monitoring and support therefore if an alarm is triggered, it could be set up to dispatch local authorities or call a programmed telephone number such as your mobile. The alarm system also has the ability to have multi user codes so each person in the family can have their own Personal Identification Number (PIN), making it easy to remember codes and keeping track of who is using the alarm system.

There have been significant developments and improvements in security technology that allows all sorts of conveniences.  You can control the system with the easy to use keypad or it has the added advantage of remotes being added to the system. There is also the option of upgrading the alarm so you can have mobile control of your alarm system from an app on your smart device, so you can control your alarm to arm/disarm, view zone status etc from anywhere in the world. It can also allow the end user to control simple light switching and garage door control remotely to create a whole package.

Giving the illusion that someone is home has never been easier. Burglars are less likely to break into a property if they think it is occupied.



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