Wiser Iconic Switch and Dimmer by Clipsal is innovation at its best. This is a product that screams modern day living which is all about efficiency, self- management and of course technology.Bluetooth

What is it? To put it simply, Wiser Iconic puts YOU in total control of your home’s lighting system. YOU control when your lights go on and YOU choose how bright you want them. This has enormous benefits including practical, economical and aesthetic advantages.

By using the Wiser Room App, your phone becomes the operational device. Literally, at your fingertips, you can control everything: smooth multiway LED dimming, create a 24-hour timer and 24/7 scheduling and even a sunrise, sunset mode.

Wiser Iconic Switches and Dimmers by Clipsal not only function superbly but also look incredibly smart and best of all, once the grid plates have been installed by a licensed electrician, you can simply clip off the standard skin and choose a finish that best suits your décor. Remember attention to details can really lift the design appeal of any room.

Lighting is a very significant feature in any room and can make or break the ambience of a space. Dimmer switches let you control how bright you want your light and what atmosphere you want. Think about dining rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. Perhaps you want a bright light for doing your make-up up but a softer, calmer light whilst relaxing in your bath. Dimmer switches put you in charge of the mood.

If you are building new than you should be living new. Future -proof your house so it’s a home that is ready to move with the times. If you are Wiser Ready, then you will be able to incorporate other smart home options that are well and truly on their way.

The home is more important than ever. Be in control of how you want it to function and you will love it even more.

Whilst at present Wiser Iconic switches are controlled by your device’s Bluetooth technology, they are getting ready for Wifi compatibility & this technology will be available soon to the whole range. This will enable the user to function their lighting & designated power points from down the street, in the office or around the world.

Talk to your Home Smart Innovations electrical consultant about the full range of Wiser Iconic switching.



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